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‘Spider Financials’ is founded around the idea that encourages the use of greatest computational power of Excel through the deep adoption of sustainability principles into core business strategy.

Excel is an effective spreadsheet tool that is fully capable of addressing operational and functional data processing requirements of banks, corporations, institutions and business entities. The main reason for this is Excel’s phenomenal versatility. Every business or investment opportunity is unique, and Excel is a blank canvas that can be totally customized and tailored to the situation.

Despite of significant development and advancement in ERP systems, Excel has remained first priority for millions of business users around the world to collect and manage data, and make important calculations.The only reason for this is quite simple. ERP systems do not provide a good solution for collaborative planning.

An Excel based spreadsheet model customized around business assumptions can be far more beneficial for organizations rather than having ERP systems that simply demand heavy investment, long implementation time frame and post implementation chaos. On the other hand, Excel due to its handy grid format and its ability to formulate and filter data is supposed to be the first and best go-to tool for managing projects.